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Definitions of Feminism and Equality

Feminism and equality can mean many things. Some of the meanings are quite curious and self-serving to those who proffer them.

A glaring example is in the annual Global Gender Gap Report (GGGR) from the Word Economic Forum. Any gap in the well-being of men and women that favors women is automatically defined out of the report. Perhaps most striking is that the GGGR holds that any country in which men and women have equal lifespans is guilty of creating a gap against women because women “naturally” live longer than men, so longer life spans for women are really just equal. GGGR thus ignores the gender gap in cultural factors that contribute to early male death around the world.

Possibly the most inexplicable example of sexist imbalance under the guise of feminism and equality is the establishment by President Biden of the White House Gender Policy Council, led and staffed by feminists who openly belittle and minimize concerns about the gender policy needs of men and boys.

When Counter-Feminists counter feminism, it is these and similar notions of equality that we counter. Unfortunately, though other definitions of feminism can be found in dictionaries, these conceptions of equality are the ones that have come to dominate and typify feminism in real life.

One feminist Counter-Feminists love is the late Karen DeCrow, president of NOW from 1974 to 1977. She was a strong supporter of joint custody after divorce, stating often that women will never get equality in the workplace until men get equality in the parenting place. Today NOW opposes joint custody, harnessing the violent-man stereotype and claiming joint custody “endangers women and children”… but still demanding equality in the workplace.

A feminist can be a Counter-Feminist without giving up allegiance to feminism. Members of Congress, for example, often propose amendments to legislation their party leadership supports without disavowing being Democrat or Republican. Feminists can likewise propose and advocate Counter-Feminist amendments to feminism and still remain loyal feminists.

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