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Introduction to Counter-Feminism

Counter-Feminists don’t look for opportunities to say “No” to feminism. We look for opportunities to say “Yes, and...”

We have two main reasons for that.

  1. Much of what feminism says is valid, especially what it was saying in its early days.

  2. If we look for opportunities to say “No,” we keep the focus on the feminist agenda and how wrong it has become. Our purpose is to balance feminism with our agenda and assert how right it is.

Counter-Feminism is not the same as anti-feminism. Countering is not the same as negating. It is an effort to achieve balance and fairness, to get to a win-win. We make counter-offers and counter-proposals. We counterbalance; women are our counterparts.

If there is one point that summarizes Counter-Feminism it is this: “The most sexist idea of all is that only one sex is ever sexist and only one sex is ever harmed by sexism.”

We have some things to say about how women and girls are sometimes sexist and how sexism often harms men and boys.

If you become an active Counter-Feminist, take heart in this. You don’t have to “win” to succeed. In a world awash in feminism powered by tens or hundreds of thousands of professional feminists, we do ourselves proud just by stepping onto the field.

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