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Jack’s Guest Profiles
as The Counter-Feminist Social Worker
Suggested Topics and Questions to Discuss
with the Counter-Feminist Social Worker
  • Topics

    • Gender Politics

      • What’s the Difference Between a Counter-Feminist and an Anti-Feminist?

      • The Most Sexist Idea of All

      • Sexual Harassment; #MeToo

      • “Toxic Masculinity”

      • “Rape Culture”

      • Fatherhood as the Central Issue for Men, Whether They Are Fathers Or Not

      • Healthy Marriages / Healthy Divorces

      • The Primary Problem With Patriarchy

      • Female Supremacy and Its Power Structure

      • Toxic Femininity and the Female Shadow

      • Equal Fatherhood As a “Disruptive Technology”

      • Guidelines for Difficult Conversations With Women

    • Societal Issues

      • Men and Fathers as Collateral Damage In the War On Poverty

        • The Double-Whammy of Racism and Sexism Operating Against Black Men

      • Boys Falling Behind Girls in Good Things (Education) and Ahead Of Girls In Bad Things (Suicide)

      • The Lack of Gender Diversity in Female Domains

      • Male Mental Health

      • Contributing Factors in Women’s Lesser Earnings

      • The Mommy Party, the Daddy Party and Their Dysfunctional Marriage

      • Gender Bias in President Biden’s White House Gender Policy Council

  • Devil’s Advocate Questions

    • You’re Really Just a Misogynist, Aren’t You? Why Do You Hate Women?

    • Are You Saying Women Are Sexist?

    • Are You An MRA — A Men’s Rights Activist?

    • Aren’t You Just Fostering More Divisiveness, More Identity Politics?

    • What’s The Problem? I Don’t Hear Men Complaining.

    • Isn’t All This Talk of “Men’s Gender Issues” Like Talking About “White People’s Race Issues”?

  • “Tell me about…”

    • Your Date With Oprah Winfrey.

    • How David Simon, Producer of “The Wire,” Figured Into Your Decision to Go to Social Work School.

    • How You Worked on the “Wimp Bill” With the Late Congressman and Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Elijah Cummings.

    • The Lace Curtain and How It Impacted Your Book Good Will Toward Men.

  • Personal Questions About Jack Kammer

    • As You Look Back on Your Life, What Is The First Instance of Sexism Against Males That You Remember?

    • What Was the Precipitating Event That Spurred You to Start a Radio Show, Your First Action on Male Gender Issues?

    • How Has Your Work on These Issues Changed Your Own Life?

    • What Was Your Relationship With Your Father? Your Mother?

    • How Come You Don’t Have Any Children?

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