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Jack’s Guest Appearances

More Than Rich.png

More Than Rich

June 17, 2024

Join us in a compelling discussion with Jack Kammer, an experienced social worker and advocate for male gender issues. This episode dives into the specific challenges that men and boys face, especially within the African American community. Jack provides valuable insights on the societal pressures shaping male identity and emphasizes the importance of a wider understanding of gender equality. He discusses the high suicide and incarceration rates among men and the influence of gender stereotypes on mental health, offering a thorough analysis of these systemic issues.

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April 30, 2024

Asserting our narrative, our Theory of the Case, on our terms and not caring that women will of course be upset by what they would rather not hear and not have to think about.

Calming the Chaos.png

Calming the Chaos

November 14, 2023

Sexual Chaos: Discussion on Male Sexual Expression – Interview with Jack Kammer

Dave's Head.png

Dave’s Head

October 27, 2023

Jack Kammer talks about feminism, sexism, and more...



March 16, 2023

Jack is a retired social worker and passionate veteran of male activism, podcasting to help society recognize and address the social harms of sexism against men and boys.


February 2, 2023

On the road to equality, how do we know we are moving along the correct path? Equality is about balance and equal opportunity for all. What if one party is not experiencing equality and they also were not being recognised? How do we go about listening to what's important to that party? How do we make things so that it is all inclusive and everyone has a voice? Come on this journey with Jack Kammer as he shares his part on the road toward equality.

Diversity Dish.jpg

Diversity Dish

July 5, 2022

Jack Kammer has a Masters in Social Work, worked as a correctional officer and a probation and parole agent. He also started a social work consultancy called Working Well With Men whose mission was to provide “tools and training for the Social Work profession to help men give and get all the love they can. Jack calls himself a "counter-feminist" social worker and is a passionate advocate for the rights of men. In this conversation Jack and Sedie explore why men voted for Donald Trump, what it means for us as a society and why we really need to listen to the voices of men as we consider equity, inclusion and diversity work.

The Beyond fixed missing r.png

Beyond: The Podcast for Lionhearted Men

July 4, 2022

Jack Kammer cares deeply about men’s issues and brings his heart and passion for making sure men are treated well in the world.  This is a good conversation, a meaningful conversation that, with a bow to Jack and his style, I am going to allow to speak for itself.  Thank you for listening to the Beyond and remember to listen well. To Listen Beyond. A big thank you to Jack and the energy he brings to the world.

Amzallag logo.jpg

Dating Gurus with Dr. Dan Amzallag

June 8, 2022

Jack talks with Dr. Dan Amzallag about helping and encouraging men to insist on EquallyEqualRelationships℠ from the start.

Project Mindfully Outdoors.png

Project Mindfully Outdoors

May 13, 2022

On this episode Jack Kammer joins Mike for a very in-depth look back at the path that brought him here. Jack Kammer is the counter-feminist social worker. Jack is a published author and radio voice, who has worked in the correctional system and a number of men’s mental health missions.

Optimal Life.png

The Optimal Life

March 27, 2022

Jack Kammer is a retired social worker whose mission is to counter the feminist movement by providing curriculum and discussion showing that men and boys — like women and girls — are also socially marginalized by sexism and gender discrimination.

Black Conservative Female.png

Black. Conservative. Female.

March 16, 2022

Jack Kammer and the Counter-Feminist Narrative.

Scuttlebutt Podcast.jpg


March 11, 2022

Hang on, did you say you’re COUNTERING the feminists and current trends within feminism? Oh boy...
Buckle up ladies and gents, Hermes is welcoming our newest guest of honor: Jack Kammer; self proclaimed counter-feminist, author of three book and host of the Men Are Talking/Good Will Toward Men podcast. All jokes aside, Jack is a deeply thoughtful person with much to say and even more ideas to fruit.

Clutching Our Pearls.png

Is Feminism Sexist?

March 6, 2022

Jack Kammer leads Male-Friendly Media and has two podcasts "Men Are Talking" and "Good Will Toward Men," He is not an anti-feminist, he’s a counter feminist and has been working with men’s side of the “gender issue” for a long time, from being a Correctional Officer at Baltimore City Detention Center to working on the National Fatherhood Initiative’s InsideOut Dad program for incarcerated fathers, and authoring two books. He stops by to share with the Clutching Our Pearls audience how feminism limits men. In this roller coaster of an episode, the co-hosts and guest argue, agree, and aggravate each other. We believe that both sides entered into this conversation in good faith, so here we go…


Jack on Achieving Equality for Men

March 5, 2022

On March 5, 2022 Women’s Studies professor Gayle Kimball held a Zoom session with some of the men she included in her new book A Global Dialogue on Masculinity. The session was titled “Men’s Solutions for Gender Equality.”

This is Jack's presentation in that session.

The entire event is on YouTube at

MGA SB17 2022 thumbnail.png

Hearing of the Maryland General Assembly Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee

January 26, 2022

On January 26, 2022 the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee of the Maryland General Assembly held a hearing on a bill that would prohibit discussion of Parental Alienation (PA) in divorce custody cases and would “train” judges on a host of topics that are often highly presented ideologically. Thanks largely to the work of Professor Jennifer Harman demonstrating that the work of Joan Meier, the godmother of the bill, was bogus, the bill’s sponsor announced at the start of the hearing that the language banning evidence of PA was being struck from the bill. But that isn’t the end of it.

Thoroughly Wrong Project.png

Musings of a Counter-Feminist:

Autopsy of a Shakedown

January 25, 2022

Bob and Lalo sit down this week with Jack Kammer, a radio host, author, activist and advocate of men’s rights as a Counter-Feminist Social Worker. This 90-minute conversation covers so much ground, you will be left wanting more as we dissect the birth, transmutation and rise of modern feminism.

“You may have noticed the ‘Autopsy of a Shakedown’ in the title this week and please note that it was carefully chosen. The term ‘autopsy’ derives from the Ancient Greek αὐτοψία (autopsia), ‘to see for oneself’ and shakedown being defined as ‘a swindle or a piece of extortion’.

Whats the Value.png

Vitamin M (masculinity)

January 23, 2022

“Jack Kammer views himself as the ‘counter-feminist social worker.’ He has dedicated a significant portion of his life to this issue. He is a public speaker, social worker, podcast host, and ultimately a strong voice trying to address the undervaluation of masculinity (“vitamin M”) in our current culture. When he reached out to me, I immediately was intrigued. This was my first opportunity to have someone on the show who was kind of unapologetic about such a controversial topic. The show and the approach I take is meant to try and overcome the usual bickering, tit for tat, and anger-based division that arises when someone has strong views on a topic like this. It was meant to provide a better way to work through it. That was what it was meant to do, but would it?”

Screw the Hierarchy.png

The Negative Stereotypes That Hold Back Men and Boys

January 16, 2022

“While white men hold the majority of power positions in the U.S. workforce, most white men do not. The result: resentment from the unfairness and pent up emotions from our culture's negative stereotype of men and boys expressing feelings. In this episode, Jack Kammer reveals what it's really like for most men to feel the pressure from gender stereotyping and what women can do in heterosexual relationships to share power.”

Existential Man.png

“Interview With Jack Kammer — Part 2”

December 21, 2021

 “Jack has a knack for challenging the status quo as it relates to men’s issues and traditional/fundamentalist feminism...
  “The conversation with Jack was so fruitful, it had to be split into two episodes. And both are chock full of great information and thought-provoking ideas.
  “If you missed the first part of the interview, you may miss some very important content and context so definitely go back and check out Episode 7 of The Existential Man.”

Lean to the Left.png

“Confessions of a Counter-Feminist”

December 14, 2021

Today we’re going to take on a topic that some might consider a little bit daring. We’re going to have a talk with a guy named Jack Kammer, who calls himself “The Counter-Feminist Social Worker.” Jack’s an author and podcaster, among other things, and from the looks of it, he’s all about defending the rights of men and boys against various forms of discrimination. What? You might be saying about now – men being discriminated against in favor of women? It’s really the other way around, buddy. Nevertheless...

On Boys.png

“Boys are Affected by Sexism Too”

December 2, 2021

Boys and girls who engage in the same exact behavior may be treated very differently. And yet, when we fail to acknowledge that fact, we contribute to the gaslighting of our boys. Because the truth is that males and females both experience advantages AND disadvantages related to their sex and gender. But while a lot of societal effort has been directed toward decreasing gender-related disadvantages that hold back females, little attention has been directed toward eliminating barriers commonly encountered by boys and men. “For the past 60 years, we’ve done a pretty good job of making sure that girls have a lot of fluidity in the choices that they can make and the options they can pursue. We don’t do that so much for boys.” In fact, Kammer says...

Existential Man.png

“Interview With Jack Kammer — Part 1”

November 23, 2021

Jack Kammer began his public journey working with and for men and fathers in 1983 when he started a public radio show called "In a Man's Shoes." He has published three books, has a master's degree in social work, created a social work consultancy called Working Well with Men whose focus was to provide 'tools and training for the Social Work profession to help men give and get all the love they can.' Jack has a knack for challenging the status quo as it relates to men's issues and traditional/fundamentalist feminism. The conversation with Jack was so fruitful, it had to be split into two episodes. And both are chock full of great information and thought provoking ideas.

Mid-Life Podcast Show.png

“What Is a Counter-Feminist?”

November 1, 2021

Jack explains what a Counter-Feminist is and how sexism affects Men and Boys too. We discuss about how society defaults in blaming men for all women’s issues in life and how men have trouble in the work and home place and no one cares. I also share how I have raised my teenage daughters and mentor my minority supervisees. These are heated topics, but need to be talked about if we really want true equality in the world. Enjoy the show!!!

Daydreams With Dylan.jpg


October 26, 2021

It's not a bad day if you've got a story to tell. Join us live on Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm EST to explore the world from a wide variety of experiences and perspectives! Love me or hate me? Let me know in chat and we can talk about it! Day Dreaming With Dylan! We try to have live, interactive, conversations with our viewers on any and every topic! We stream live every Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 pm EST. Follow us on social media to stay up to date!

Tommy Nation Politics.jpg

“The Counter-Feminist Social Worker”

October 24, 2021

Tommy Nation Politics discusses the political midterm landscape, as well as the paths that our country finds itself on — Socially & Morally. With Special Guest: Jack Kammer.

AJ Podcast.png

“Jack Kammer (Counter-Feminist)”

October 18, 2021

Jack Kammer has been studying men’s issues his whole life and is a self-avowed counter-feminist. He believes the difference between a counter-feminist and an anti-feminist is that an anti-feminist says “No” while a counter-feminist says, “Yes, and men and boys also have social problems based on their sex and need help too.”

Blue State Conversations.png

“Male-friendly Media”

October 1, 2021

Jack Kammer produced and hosted the radio show “In a Man’s Shoes” from 1983 to 1989. He went back to school in 2005 to get his Masters in social work because he saw that gender issues are connected to multiple serious social problems in the United States and in other developed nations.

Jackson Danforth.png

“Equality for Men”

September 25, 2021

Fourteen-year-old Jackson Danforth sits down with Jack Kammer to talk about sexism in society. As it turns out, women aren’t the only ones being discriminated against.

Intelligent Conversations.png

“The ‘Counter-Feminist’”

September 8, 2021

Listen to Jack Kammer talk about topics and issues that he feels need to be addressed. He goes into detail about how not only do we need to talk about problems facing women but men as well. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the issues he feels faces society today!

Jack Kammer lo-res.png

“Men Have Their Needs, Too”

August 9, 2021

Why do men and women differ when it comes to expressing emotions? Unlike women, most men tend to hide emotions. They are conditioned to believe that expressing their feelings is out of character with the male identity. However, suppressing emotions and feelings can be incredibly toxic and detrimental to a man’s mental health... (more)

Shout Radio.jpg

“Male-friendly Media”

JULY 29, 2021

Shout Radio is a Community Radio Station that provides news, entertainment and information to the communities of Cheshire, the Fylde Coast. (Both in the North West of the United Kingdom) and the world, via the Internet...

Thinking Like a Genius.png

“Challenging Paradigms”

July 6, 2021

Jack Kammer has a wealth of experience as a former social worker and a parole officer. His insights into patriarchy and matriarchy and their dynamics was a refreshing take on how patriarchy has developed a negative image...

Patriot Review.png

“Save Our Boys”

JUNE 21, 2021

At no time in history has America needed men as involved fathers more. What impact has the focus on feminism had? What damage has it done to the American male? Special guest Jack Kammer discusses what we must do to save our boys and in turn save America...

Toxic Masculinity - Behind the Mask.png

“Behind the Mask”

May 18, 2021

In this podcast series, I’ll be talking about men - masculinity, mental health and wellbeing. We will look at the role society plays in traditional cultural perceptions of what it means to be a man and how that affects the men in our lives...

Lifes a Mitch.png

“Men’s Issues”

April 24, 2021

On todays episode I catch up with an interesting guy by the name of Jack Kammer. Jack launched a radio show in 1983 on male-female relationships and the gender issues of men and boys. It didn’t take him long to realize that along with relationship issues, serious social problems were connected to society’s lack of awareness of the gender issues of men and boys...

Undefined Truth.png

“Counter-Feminism vs. Anti-Feminism”

April 20, 2021

The distinction between Counter-Feminism and Anti-Feminism is often misunderstood. Special guest, Jack Kammer discuss the differences while also describing how gender and race affects the conversation...

Gayle Kimball.jpg

“Men’s Roles and the Men’s Movement”

April 13, 2021

Jack Kammer, MBA, MSW, is the author of three books about men's lives: Good Will Towards Men, If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules, and Heroes of the Blue Sky Rebellion (for ages 13-23). He discusses men's lives...

Uncensored Advice for Men.png

“The Counter-Feminist”

April 4, 2021

I’m pretty much retired and focusing on getting “out there” with whatever truth and wisdom there might be in my 38 years of experience in men’s issues since I started a radio show called “In a Man’s Shoes” in 1983...

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